Pelham Cares Inc.

Pelham, Ontario Canada




Ontario Association of Food Banks

Leadership Award


At the annual OAFB Conference, Pelham Cares was presented with the 2016 Leadership Award! 

Awarded  “In honour of your exemplary leadership in your community and dedication to hunger-relief initiatives”.   Key factors that resulted in our receiving this award were:

  • The ability of Pelham Cares to sustain itself for over 30 years as a volunteer based organization.
  • Our support of and cooperation with other like organizations in the Niagara Region (ie. Hope Centre, Open Arms Mission, Project Share, etc.).
  • Our reaching out to secure grants and involvement of local farmers and individuals, to provide a healthier food basket to our client families.
  • The direction and effort expended  to secure a
    permanent facility,  ensuring our long term sustainability.

    Congratulations and gratitude goes to all of the present and past leaders of Pelham Cares!  Those who have provided direction and support  which has been critical to our accomplishments, and support we have provided to hundreds of families in our community!