Pelham Cares Inc.

Pelham, Ontario Canada






In the fall of 2012 an “Archives” Committee, led by Board Secretary Caroline Toffolo, began meeting to determine a plan to manage the archival records of Pelham Cares Inc.


This includes organizing information about the minutes of meetings, services offered, the Constitution, donations, volunteers, etc.

The purpose is to not only arrange the material chronologically but to provide an historical

resource for the future decision making of the organization.


Suggestions and references about how to

 proceed were provided by the Senior

Coordinator, Collections Development and Management, Archives

of Ontario. Also original materials and newspaper articles from the

early days of Pelham Cares were graciously donated by Eleanor

Fisher and George Kowalski.


The main goals of the committee are to:

-  chronicle accurately the information gathered,

-  acknowledge the contributions of the people responsible for

    sustaining Pelham Cares,

-  handle the material with integrity and respect,

-  collaborate with the Board, staff and the community on relevant

    issues and organize the archival material such that it clearly

    reflects the evolution of Pelham Cares Inc. from 1982 to 2013

    and beyond.


After examining the archival material now available, the committee decided to focus on the years 1982/83 and subsequently create an historical account, supported by original documents, that describes

the process that led to the formation of Pelham Cares Inc.  


Information will be posted here as the committee continues to

do their research.


1982 - Where It All Started!