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Pelham, Ontario Canada



Here's what our Clients are saying...

 Hello Betty
Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I want to thank you and Pelham Cares for the terrific Christmas hamper which brought a lot of smiles to my family. Everyone had a very nice Christmas day and we truly appreciate the generosity of food and gift items. Thank you so much.

Single Mom and Family



Pelham Cares

Thank you for all you do for our community.  We hope that this small donation can towards some kids that may not otherwise have the opportunity to play or participate in a sport or music.  We feel very fortunate to live in a fantastic community such as Pelham and we would like every kid to feel as luck as we all do. 

Pelham Panthers Bantam Rep Hockey Team and Families




When a child is in the family, all of sudden providing healthy food and daily necessities takes on a whole new priority.  When I realized that as a family we were unable to make ends meet I panicked.  What to do?  Do we pay for food, or do we make the hydro and rent payment?

Milk, bread and eggs for dinner, and what about the Lactose free milk our daughter needs?  Then it dawned on me, we have help in Pelham, we have Pelham Cares.  Pelham Cares came through in a big way.  Not only helping with food, but also with some rent money so we could start to catch up on rent.  Pelham Cares made sure that we had a Thanksgiving meal as well as one for Christmas.  They also made sure that our daughter had a great Christmas with gifts under the tree.  Knowing there is an organization like Pelham Cares in the community has greatly reduced my stress of what are we going to do? Pelham Cares has been amazing in helping us on our way to getting back on our feet. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who work tirelessly with Pelham Cares to take care of all of us in the community. 

Mother of one child



" Please accept my heartfelt thank you for the kindess and generosity extended to me on a regular basis.  My particular thank you is for providing me with a Thanksgiving turkey which afforded me the dignity to prepare a lovely meal to share with family and friends.  I am so very grateful to everyone.  May God bless all of you and your fine works"

 Single Woman


"....Thank you so much for helping keep my son involved with sports. It has been difficult raising him on my own and if it weren't for community groups like Pelham Cares he wouldn't be playing and enjoying the same quality of life that he does now."                Single father of 10 year old


….Just wanted to thank you all for the great Christmas boxes.  Also, many thanks for the gifts for our family.  Everything was so much appreciated!”             Shelly


  “Pelham Cares has been very helpful to me and my children.  The food has lots of variety and the supplies are exactly what I have needed.  The baby items are very much needed and I am very happy with the clothes I have received.  I am very grateful for that”.          Nadia (single mother of 3 children)


“Pelham Cares is fantastic!  I have had to use your volunteers to take me for medical drives as far as London.  Your drivers are wonderful and you couldn’t ask for better ones.  They are wonderful to do this”.        Lorraine, 82 years       


“I have used Pelham Cares for 20 years.  Thanks for giving real good, fast and efficient service”.         Harold, 76 years

"Pelham Cares is very inspirational and truly amazing.  They have helped me in more ways than people recognize.  Not just with food but with clothes for my kids, and food during the holidays.  You have been a tremendous help.  2008 was the most wonderful Christmas for me and my family.  I also enjoyed volunteering at the community food drive".              Jamie (father of 4 children)


"I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for all of the food donations and financial assistance that Pelham Cares has provided to myself and my three children. As a single parent, employment income must stretch to provide necessities of living but with Pelham Cares generous assistance, I feel that our quality of life is improved through food availability and the children's organized activities. My youngest child has had the privilege of participating in swimming lessons due to the help from Pelham Cares. Many holidays have been more relaxed and happy knowing that I have had a family meal that is healthy and makes our time together full of fond memories. At back to school time, which previously had been a financially stressful time, Pelham Cares has provided my children with backpacks including supplies needed to be successful students. I have always informed my children of the contributions of Pelham Cares in their activities and we all, as a family, feel extremely thankful that this wonderful organization exists to provide much needed assistance to the Pelham community."

Single mother of 3