Pelham Cares Inc.

Pelham, Ontario Canada



Volunteer Opportunities

We currently have vacancies for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Members of our Board of Directors - Interested individuals will commit to promoting the vision and mandateof our organization, and as a volunteer will attend monthly board meeting, and contribute to the organization through committee or program involvement, attending community events.  For more information, click here!

  • DRIVERS - Do you enjoy meeting new people, giving back to your community and driving?  Why not consider becoming a volunteer drive for Pelham Cares?  Pelham CAres provides drives to medical appointments for residents of Pelham who do not drive, or...have family or friends to assist.  Volunteers drivers choose when and where they are able to assist.

  • STUDENTS (FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS - for example, assisting with our Mascot)

If you are able to provide a small amount of time each month for the betterment of the community, please complete a volunteer application form and return it to the Pelham Cares office. 

For more information on volunteering, please contact: Lori Grande, Coordinator - Client Services at 905-892-5300 or If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message and your call will be returned at the earliest opportunity.

Volunteer Forms

The following Volunteer forms are available:

Did You Know

In 2017 Pelham Cares had 56 registered volunteers serving the families of Pelham, with many more assisting at the Annual Pelham Community Food Drive held in December!

Our Volunteers....

- logged over 4,080 volunteer hours

- drove over 21,800 kilometers

- sorted and organized thousands of pounds of food, donated by our generous community

- packed and distributed 360 food hampers to over 60 Pelham families

- and packed and distributed 95 holiday hampers to our families

- completed 327 drives, safely assisting our clients to and from medical appoints within and outside of the Niagara Region

- shopped for perishable food items, included in our weekly food hampers

- wrote over 500 thank you notes to our valued donors

- picked-up hundreds of boxes used to store and deliver food

- organized a major fundraising event

- attended meetings, workshops, and conferences, on behalf of Pelham Cares

- attended numerous community events, representing Pelham Cares


Thank you to all of our volunteers...we could not do it without YOU!

Celebrating Our Volunteers

The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards

The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards are a way for the government to recognize volunteers for their undeniable contributions. The awards are also a way to thank volunteers for their continuous years of commitment and dedicated service to a group.  Award winners received pins and certificates recognizing their commitment, energy and years of service in the community.

2018 Recipients - Marilyn Check [20], Tracy Holmwood [5], Colleen McCarthy [20], Anne Rice [5], Eleanor Stasiw [5], Gerald Taylor [10]

2017 Recipients - Carole Chapman [15], Jane Gilmour [15], William (Bill) Lamb [5], Ross McCarthy [20], Keith Moore [10], 

Holly Swan [20]

2016 Recipients - Marty Kicul [5], Sue Kicul [5], Margaret Rice [5], Michael Rice [5], Sandra Warden [5], Caroline Toffolo [10]

2015 Recipients - Jacinthe Langlais [5], Linda Roach [5], Tom Boyce [20], Anne Robbins [20], Harold Griffin [25],

George Kowalski [30]

2014 Recipients - Bill Hughson [5], Allan Mullin [5], Gerald Taylor [5], Catherine Tirpko [5], Colleen McCarthy [15],

Ross McCarthy [15]

2013 Recipients - Sibyl Bergenstein [5], Fred Disher [5], Paul Owen [10], Marilyn Check [15], Peter Martinak [15],

Evelyn Martinak [20] 

2012 Recipients -  Gerry Berkhout [20], Gail Hilyer [15],  Carole Chapman [10], Bill Chapman [10], Erma Hofford [5],

Keith Moore [5] 

2011 Recipients - Ken Angle [10], Jane Gilmour [10], Brett McQueen [Youth], Mary Morse [15],  Caroline Toffolo  [5],

Brandon Young [Youth]

2010 Recipients - Mary Balint[5], Tom Boyce [15], Harold Griffin [20], George Kowalski [25], Colleen McCarthy [10],

Anne Robbins [15]

2008 Recipients - Ken Angle [5], Graham Gilmour [5], Jane Gilmour [5], Ella Owen [5], Paul Owen [5], Henry Wegman [5]

2007 Recipients -  Sharon Farion [5], Albert Kiers [5], Colleen McCarthy [5], Ross McCarthy [5], Deidre Railton [5],
Jean Welsh [5] 

2006 Recipients - Marilyn Check [10],  Gerry MacDonald [5], Evelyn Martinak [10], Anne Robbins [5],

George Rooke [10],Gladys Treitz [10]

2005 Recipients -  Mr. & Mrs. Al and Judith Bridgeman [5], Holly Swan [10], Marie Griffin [15],  Peter Martinak [10],

George Kowalski [15]

2004 Recipients - Mr. & Mrs. T Finamore [15] , Mary Morse[10], Harold Griffen [10]  Mr.& Mrs.R Vahrmeyer [20]

Town of Pelham Volunteer Awards 2016

Congratulations to all Award Winners at the 2017 Town of Pelham Volunteer Recognition Social celebrating 

"The Power of ONE"!

We are grateful to all of our many volunteers at Pelham Cares, this year's nominees were:

Peer Award - Jacinthe Langlais

Individual Awards:
Curtis Beckett

Ted Gula

Mary-Anne Hicks

Paul Diamond

Brenda Wild

Lucy Limoges

Corporate Citizen Recognition:
Boggio Family of Pharmacies

James L. Pedlar Funeral Home

Sapphires Custom Jewelry

60 over Sixty - Retire-at-Home

Retire-At-Home Services recognized mature adults over the age of 60 years who have made a significant impact  in the lives of others through volunteerism.  Pelham Cares has been proud to nominate the following dedicated volunteers for their service to our organization:

Pelham Cares 2014 Recipients - Jane Gilmour, Bill Hughson, Sandra Warden

Pelham Cares 2013 Recipients - Tom Boyce, Colleen McCarthy, Linda Roach


Ron Kore Honoured as Pelham Citizen of the year 2017.

Ron is a former member of our Board of Directors, and a long time supporter of Pelham Cares!

 Tracy Holmwood received the David McLauchlan Memorial Award in 2015.

An industry award, presented by the Insurance Institute of Ontario Niagara/Hamilton Chapter, to a person who goes beyond the call of duty, donating time to charity and quietly goes about their business to the benefit of the insurance industry and community.



 Gerry Berkhout received the Rotary International - Paul Harris Fellow Award in 2015  (Gerry is 3rd from left)



Jane Gilmour and Ron Kore received the Rotary International - Paul Harris Fellow Award in 2014



David Swan Honored

Pelham Citizen of the Year 2013



Fred Disher Honored

Pelham Citizen of the Year 2012


Sandy Warden Honored

Pelham Citizen of the Year 2011



Gail Hilyer Honoured 

Pelham Citizen of the Year 2009



Pelham Cares is a proud member of Volunteer Canada!